Conference Themes

Giving voice to marginalized stakeholders in Business & Society research

This track is an invitation for conceptual and empirical papers to challenge some of the foundations of the stakeholder salience and identification framework regarding marginalized, fringe stakeholders and to provide a future research agenda with the aim of better understanding their 1) identities, needs and demands, 2) roles and impacts, and 3) interactions with business.

Convenors: Emma Avetisyan and Sandrine Stervinou

Enriching CR research through inter-disciplinary and multiple theoretical voices

A wide range of theoretical perspectives have been used to explore CR from a management perspective but also borrowing from other disciplines. This is an invitation to reflect on the different theoretical voices, their value and limitations and to explore new lenses through which to study CR.

Convenors: Céline Louche, Guilherme Azevedo, and Andreas Georg Scherer

Diversity as a Voice in CR

Diversity is a reality in organizations and can be observed in many different dimensions: Gender, Age, Disability, Sexual Orientation, Ethnic Origin, Religion, etc. This track invites papers that explore the various aspects of diversity and its management under the perspective of CR in an organizational context.

Convenors: Camilla Quental, Christine Naschberger, Nicole Maccali, and Marcia Cassitas Hino

Innovating toward a sustainable future

To address the grand societal challenges, innovation plays a crucial role. This track invites contributions that explore the various views and voices on innovation for a sustainable future and engage in a discussion about the need for innovation, its drivers and processes, and its implications for sustainable development.

Convenors: Jennifer Goodman & Christian Voegtlin

Exploring the SDGs: Plural Worldviews and Practices in Responsible Management Education

This track wants to build knowledge around pedagogy for sustainability and responsible management education. Taking the Sustainable Development Goals as a guiding concept for responsible management education, it invites empirical and theoretical perspectives to explore how actors in management education integrate the SDGs into their programmes and pedagogical activities.

Convenors: Martin Fougère, Nikodemus Solitander, Camilla Quental, Umesh Mukhi

Entrepreneurship and society

This track intends to create a dialogue between CR and Entrepreneurship research. The track is an invitation explore the link between entrepreneurs/ entrepreneurial practices and society and consider entrepreneurship as a social activity embedded in society.

Convenors: Claire Champenois, Vincent Lefebvre, Miruna Radu-Lefebvre & Kathleen Randerson

CR community engagement: Processes in planning and decision-making

This track is a call to deepen our understanding of the community engagement of business. It invites contributions investigating the practical challenges associated with planning and decision-making within the area of community engagement and stakeholder management.

Convenor: William Keeton

Exploring the relationship between artists and society

With this track, we want to explore artists’ actions in and on society. We invite empirical, theoretical but also critical perspectives to question the relationship between artists and the notion of societal responsibility.

Convenors: Dominique Billier, Carole Le Rendu

Day 1
12 Jun 2018
Day 2
13 Jun 2018
12:00 - 13:30

Registration and Welcome Coffee

Welcoming Remarks

Céline Louche
André Sobczak

Plenary: Navigating the plural voices in CR

Drawing on the expertise of our panelists, we will discuss CR from a range of perspectives: research, teaching, business, government….
Bobby Banerjee
Minna Halme
André Sobczak

Parallel Paper Sessions 1

TRACK 5. EXPLORING THE SDGS: PLURAL WORLDVIEWS AND PRACTICES IN RESPONSIBLE MANAGEMENT EDUCATION (Chairs: Martin Fougere, Nikodemus Solitander, Camilla Quental and Umesh Mukhi) “Pedagogical Innovation for Sustainability Education: Insights from...
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Happening: Expressing responsibility for slavery

with Mathieu Rimbert, musician/artist   **Depending on the weather, this activity will be followed by Apéros at 6th floor Terrasse of the Vertigo Restaurant Skybar

Parallel Paper Sessions 2

TRACK 3. DIVERSITY AS A VOICE IN CR (Chairs: Camilla Quental, Christine Naschberger, Nicole Maccali and Maria Cassitas Hino)  “Advancing professional equality between women and men in higher education institutions: Insights from...
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10:30 - 11:00



Andreas Georg Scherer

Plenary: Theoretical Voices in CR

Martin Fougère
Andreas Georg Scherer
Bobby Banerjee
12:15 - 13:30

Lunch break

Parallel Paper Sessions 3

TRACK 8. CSR COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: PROCESSES IN PLANNING AND DECISION-MAKING (Chair: William Keeton )  “Corporate responsibility and community engagement: complex decision-making in water organizations in Victoria, Australia” by William Keeton...
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Parallel Paper Sessions 4

TRACK 5. EXPLORING THE SDGS: PLURAL WORLDVIEWS AND PRACTICES IN RESPONSIBLE MANAGEMENT EDUCATION (Chairs: Martin Fougere, Nikodemus Solitander, Camilla Quental and Umesh Mukhi)  “The UN SDGs: Opportunities and Challenges from...
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16:30 - 17:00


Plenary: Why not bulldoze Business School?

Norman de Paula Arruda Filho
Nikodemus Solitander
Suzanne Young
André Sobczak

CR3+ Board Meeting

(only for Board Members)

Conference Dinner

Address: 1 Rue Olympe de Gouges 44200 Nantes